Julia Cziller Redick

Artistic Director Emeritus

Lower School

Valentina Palladino

Julia Cziller Redick began her training in Budapest, Hungary, at the Hungarian Opera House and the Artist Academy.

After the outbreak of the Hungarian Revolution in 1956, Mrs. Redick immigrated to the United States and resumed her studies with her mother, Madame Alicia Reisz, formerly Prima Ballerina of the Hungarian Opera. Mrs. Redick also studied with Miss Carol Lynn, Dale Senhardt, Ann Parsons, and Oleg Tupine, and she performed with the National Ballet under the direction of Fredrick Franklin.

Mrs. Redick held the position as Head of the Dance Department at Hannah More Academy in Reisterstown, Maryland, St. Timothy's School in Stevenson, Maryland, and in 1971 founded the Conservatory in Columbia, Maryland. Conservatory Ballet, Ltd., of Reston followed in 1979, where she continued for the next 40 years.

Valentina Palladino was born in Sardinia, Italy, where in 2003, at the age of 11, she began her dance training at the school of ballet master Roberto Magnabosco. One year later, she performed under the direction of John Neumeier in the Hamburg Ballet's production of Romeo and Juliet.

Sra. Palladino studied at the National Dance Academy in Rome and, in 2011, she joined American Repertory Ballet in Princeton, New Jersey, as a trainer.

In 2014, Sra. Palladino joined Manassas Ballet Theatre as a professional dancer. Among her many accomplishments Sna. Palladino performed Juliette as soloist in 2016, and most recently she performed Scheherazade.

As lower school director, Sra. Palladino is integral to the development of the school's most impressionable students. She is a kind, quiet, and patient teacher who considers the whole child in teaching methods while keeping a high standard.

Alexia Redick Bartlett


Alexia Redick Bartlett is a third generation of ballet teachers. Her grandmother Madame Alicia Reisz was a Prima Ballerina of the Hungarian Opera. Her mother Julia Cziller Redick taught for 55 years, creating more professional ballet dancers than any other in teacher of her kind in the area. Revered by many as the best ballet teacher in the Washington Metropolitan Area, Mrs. Redick brought Alexia to every class she taught.

Mrs. Bartlett has studied under some of the greats herself, including Rudolph Kharatian, Madame Vinogradova, and Madame Kolpakova, and she was fortunate enough to be the little sister of two extraordinary male dancers who themselves studied under great ballet masters. She has performed at the Kennedy Center and with Ballet Paradiso. She earned her bachelor's degree in Business Management from Sweet Briar College. She believes in continuous education studying subjects wide and deep. She passes her love of learning to anyone willing to listen. Mrs. Bartlett is full of energy and thrives in a room full of children.

Caitlin Rodgers